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Dreamcatcher Bitters
Dreamcatcher Bitters
Dreamcatcher Bitters

Dreamcatcher Bitters

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Bitters have so many wonderful uses and health benefits. 

They also add depth and interest to your cocktails. 

These dream inducing bitters are made from a blend of mugwort, lavender, bay, chamomile, and hops. designed to help you drift off to sleep as well as bring forth vivid and relaxing dreams. Try them in bubbly water close to bedtime. I like to crush int leaves and add them to the bubbly blend. That's the fun thing about bitters, you get to play.

Wanna know more about bitters? Keep reading......

Did you know that bitter taste receptors are by far the most complex and sensitive of all taste receptors? They rely on instructions from more than 30 genes to determine their shape whereas the other taste receptors only use three or four genes.

Bitters get the juices flowing throughout the mouth and digestive system, helping break down and detoxify whatever is eaten which is why they are recommended often to settle an upset stomach. They improve digestion and metabolism because incompletely digested food is the primary source of bloating, cramping, and intestinal discomfort. Stimulating bitter taste receptors goes much further. The liver, our major detoxification organ, gets cues from the tongue that cause it to bump up it's a metabolic activity, increasing its production and secretion of bile, and eliminate more waste products from the bloodstream. This is one major reason herbalists recommend bitters for conditions such as acne and skin inflammation, allergies and asthma, chronic headaches, pain, and fatigue- all can be symptoms of a sluggish liver and waste back up. Stimulating our bitter taste receptors on a daily basis keeps everything coming along, helps regulate appetite, and balances the high-availability of sweet, salty, fatty, and umami tastes.


GMO-free organic cane alcohol, distilled water, organic juniper berries, organic orange peel, organic cardamom, & magic